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Popular keywords:PE piping supporter    NBR Rubber  Insulation Material                                            PFF  Insulation Material

Popular keywords:PE piping supporter    NBR Rubber  Insulation Material   PFF  Insulation Material



        Guangzhou ShingHang Plastic Manufactures Co., Ltd. ShingHang is Taiwan enterprise. Since its establishment in 1992, is the famous brand enterprise in Guangdong province, strong technical base. The main production PFF insulation material, NBR rubber and plastic heat preservation materials, Patent Fire Pipe PIPING SUPPORTER and a series of products and other well-known brands, its leading products “SOFTWELL” fire energy-saving, environmental sound insulation....

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Reduce the intermediate price difference

Quality products

Selected raw materials

Professional team

Years of industry experience

Honorary qualification

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The product specifications are complete,the manufacturer sells directly, and it can be processed and customized

Product classification

Low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation, cold insulation effect


Good rubber and plastic belong to closed cell foaming knot,

It can prevent moisture penetration and reduce condensation

Occurrence of dew phenomenon


 The internal bubbles are evenly arranged, bouncing

Good flexibility, suitable for

Multiple irregular pipelines

Provide solutions for all walks of life

It is widely used and has won the trust of our customers


Seven advantages of choosing ShingHarng

Seven advantages of choosing ShingHarng

01  green environmental protection

This invention has green environmental protection, renewable materials, can beautify the environment, and is the best green product in the new century.

02  Insulation

The internal structure is tight and the air convection is less. It can play the effect of heat insulation when encountering different medium temperatures.

03  Shockproof

The material is solid and firm, and soft insulation materials are pasted around the inner diameter to effectively prevent external impact.

04  Fire resistance

The "ShingHarng" fireproof thermal insulation shockproof bracket itself has been added with flame retardant, which will not burn in case of fire, and has excellent fire prevention effect.

05  Long service life

It is made of top-grade materials and closely processed. Its service life can reach as long as 50 years. It is the best choice for all kinds of pipe supports and hangers.

06  High hardness

Solid material, strong structure, high density, using PE as the main raw material, with a hardness of more than 95~-100hs, which is incomparable with other materials.

Engaged in the production of thermal insulation data in, the company has rich industry experience. The company continues to strengthen the training and learning of employees, continuously improve production technology, complete the production process, and ensure the quality of products with strict standards. Our company adheres to the principle of Valuing Credit, abiding by contracts, ensuring product quality, and winning the trust of our customers and meeting their needs with the principle of diversified business characteristics and small profits but quick turnover.


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